Further Your Hospitality and Health Care Services to Improve Spa Facilities

Having a spa is a great way to make cash, when you know how. It is all about great customer service, being able to welcome people, and of course tapping into the market, by knowing what types of treatments that your competitors are offering. When you have the ability to tap into all of these, then you will be able to come out trumps and have a very healthy business. This article offers a few tips to help you improve your services.

Check Around Your Competitors Services

Health independent accreditationIf you own any business, one of the best things that you can do in order to improve your facilities is of course go around and visit your competitors. You do not have to do so with a big advertisement on your head, spouting off that you are an owner of a similar service. Simply book you, or a loyal co-worker in for the treatments that they offer, and check out what kind of service they have. A wise business owner will be able to see what is better than their current service, in terms of décor, staffing, and of course the products and pricing that are offered. Quite often it really is not about the products on offer it is usually about the customer service and how the clients feel when they walk through the door.

Send Your Staff on Customer Service Courses

Customer service courses are a great method of being able to better your service. In fact it can happen instantly, overnight. The courses will teach your staff how to welcome clients; how to engage in conversation, and of course just how to treat them when they are inside your facility. Clients love to have a good chat, they love to come in and book their next appointment with Emma the nail technician or Sally the pedicure/ massage lady! When you are running a business that is getting popular you will start to notice that people book their appointments and request the staff members by name. This is a great sign that you are doing something well.

Introduce a Loyalty Scheme

Many spas offer a card system whereby points can be accumulated, or stamps can be collected on a card that can be traded for a treatment or discount with a set number of points or stamps, it is also a great incentive for your clients to come back time and time again in order to collect for their freebie or discounted treatment! Psychologically it works wonders.

Offer Free Beverages

Cups of tea and coffee are a must in British society, so when you offer free brews; and perhaps bottled water or green tea for the more health conscious customer, you will be taking a very small step to ensuring that they feel at home. Of course, when people feel welcome, they will return!

Sell a Product Range

When clients come in for a massage, or a therapeutic facial, they will often ask you what types of creams, oils and products have been used. If you can sell them, you will find that whilst relaxed in the clutches of your spa services they will actually walk out and buy them too! That’s great because it will most definitely help you to turn over more revenue for your business.

Consider Teeth Whitening Services Too!

Teeth whitening used to be unheard of in spas. Now though, in the UK the teeth whitening market is forever growing and becoming a much sought after procedure for women and men alike. If you can offer teeth whitening for your clients that takes place in one trip without the need to come back time and time again, then you are onto a definite winner. It is a pricey procedure, and one that will have the clients rolling through the doors. A lot of spas and health care facilities have noticed a huge influx of clientele that require the service, and it is even cropping up in high-street hairdressers! The great thing with this is that word of mouth spreads, and when they walk out with pearly whites after a spa day out- the likelihood of their friend walking in the day after as a result of the marketing that they did after the treatment, is very high!

The ideas listed in this article are just a few that can be implemented into your business; there are so many things that can be done to improve your healthcare services and customer service. Hospitality is key to being successful. Make sure that you explore the options available to you and your business will thrive.


How to Become a More Successful Doctor

Being a doctor is no easy job. You spend years at college and university studying to be a qualified doctor, and then, when you find yourself sitting in the doctors chair you are faced with daily dilemmas on how to treat and diagnose your patients. This article offers up some handy tips on how to become a more successful doctor, and help you towards connecting with your patients, offering an overall better service to the community you treat.

Read a Lot

Once you have graduated from uni and have made the transition from student to doctor, you need to continue your studies! That doesn’t necessarily mean heading to the study desk, but you should invest in some great medical reading material. Each and every day, there are new advances in medical science, new treatments, trials, even new diseases that crop up. To be successful you have to keep up-to-date by reading.


Respecting others is also a trait that every good doctor needs to have. Never get too confident because over confidence causes accidents. Even if you have been in the profession for a long time, make sure that you listen to younger doctors too when they offer advice because if you are conceited you may miss their point of view, they could very well know something that you do not. Conceited doctors do not make for a good match when treating patients, no matter how good you think you are.

Money Should Not Be the Focus Point Of Your Career

Do not focus on money, being a doctor, naturally you will earn a good wage, but when you do the job for money- and get greedy, you can easily trip up and start to lose your passion for the work you once loved. Treat each and every patient that you see in surgery as a human, not just an object that you need to diagnose, treat and see home to submit your invoice to. The same applies when it comes to listening and conversing with your patients and other staff where you work. Being able to develop professional relationships with those you work with and treat will help you a lot with being a doctor. People will like to visit you and word quickly spreads about those that excel all others.

Take Rest

Make sure that you take your time out of office easy, and relax. When you are tired you get grouchy and can often overlook small things that can easily lead you to misdiagnose someone. Misdiagnosis is not something that you can afford when working in the medical profession. Also, you need to take responsibility for all your actions; this includes the not so good ones. This will help you make sure that you do not slip up and that you take great care with ensuring that each and every patient gets the upmost care.

Time Management

Being able to manage your time easily is something that everyone needs to do at work, but because you are a doctor and will see a lot of patients, it is very important to be able to balance your time evenly and of course make sure that your schedule is carefully run. You do not need appointments running into each other. Saying that though, do not make it known to your patients that you are in a rush. Do not make them feel like your time is precious and that you need to get them on their way. One of the best traits of successful doctors is having the ability to listen carefully to patients, and take note of any conditions that they are suffering with. When you listen carefully you connect, and can also diagnose issues a lot more effectively.

Market Well

One of the best traits that anyone in any profession nowadays needs to have is good marketing skills. Even if you have patients that come to you, you still need more. Market yourself well and you will get more patients. This is not something that will apply too much in the UK if you work for an NHS set up, but if you decide to work as a private Dr or indeed take your services abroad, then you will need this skill a hell of a lot more.

So, there you have it some fantastic tips that will help you to be a great doctor and serve the community a lot more effectively. Good doctors are hard to find nowadays so once you learn the skills listed in this article, and take note of them, you will be able to excel in your profession.

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