How to Be a Successful Solicitor

Being a solicitor can be a great job, you get to represent people in all types of scenarios. Helping them to win compensation, helping to get justice when things have gone wrong, helping those that have had run ins with the law. In fact, when done correctly being a solicitor is a very rewarding job. You will get to play a huge role in society; this article offers tips on how to become a better solicitor.

Listen To Your Clients

Meeting with clients is a necessary part of being a solicitor, you need to be able to make sure that you can listen to your clients and demonstrate that you will be able to represent them in a court of law. When you meet with clients you need to make sure that you demonstrate to them that you are able to listen, and of course you need to pay great attention to what they are saying to you in order to be able to understand the case that you will be working on. When you take on any case you need to be able to understand it inside out so that you can think out of the box and help to win the case for your client. Winning is what being a solicitor is all about.

Make Notes- Organisation Is Key

Taking notes as you listen will help you to be a more successful solicitor too, you need to ensure that you take notes and jot things down because you will see so many people throughout the day, and you need to keep careful tabs on facts and events, not confusing cases. Basically if you cannot be organised, make notes and listen- you will never be successful! The job is all about being organised and making sure that you stay one step ahead of matters.

Keep Good Timing

Appointments and schedules are something that you need to keep. You need to organise appointments with great attention to detail, make sure that you can keep them- and this is one job that you cannot afford to roll over into the next appointment. Time is money. When you can make sure that appointments are kept, then you will make more cash and be more successful in your profession.

Keep Your Emotions Under Wraps

Do not get emotionally tied to your clients. That will be difficult in some instances, as we are all human at the end of the day. You have to be prepared to hear emotional stories from clients, and be able to cut off your emotions from your profession. This is a life skill that will help you to excel in your profession.

Be Loud and Proud Confidence Is a Necessity

Being assertive, being able to speak out and stand proud is a skill that is a must have as a solicitor, You need to make sure that you can stand up in court, be assertive, look people in the eye, and not have any fear. Speaking loud and standing proud with confidence will make you excel at your job.

Market Your Services

Another great skill to have in order to be a successful solicitor is to make sure that you can attract more clients to your office. One fantastic way to do this is to have good relationships, because word mouth is a great method of being able to market your services. If you provide a good service to one client, the chances are that the very same client will walk out of your office satisfied,  and when a friend or family member needs the help of a solicitor, he or she will recommend that they go to visit you and use your services as opposed to someone else’s.


Being witty and argumentative, these are great skills that all solicitors should possess. You do not need to be average and blend in with the crowd, you need to make sure that you can stand out and help your clients cases stand out in court too. You need to be able to be confident, witty, think on the ball and not be afraid to argue back with jurors, judges and of course the opposition when in testing court cases.

If you follow all of the tips in this article, your job as a solicitor will be a very rewarding one. You will not be an average Joe that works to make ends meet, you will be able to pursue a very fruitful career and excel among others that work in the same profession as you. Being a solicitor is a very public job, one that requires great patience, and improvement. Start by implementing some of the ideas listed and excel your career!