Privacy Policy

Regarding your privacy

When you visit our site, we will not gather information about you in any way. Up front you should know when we do collect information from you – it is because you have willingly contacted us through the contact us form on this site. What you should know is we never sell, trade, give or barter your information with any third company sites. Your data is not mined, copied or used for any marketing purposes provided by any sites which may be linked to us.

( takes your privacy very seriously. We do not collect your information for a later use. The information such as your ISP address, the location of your service provider and the continent on which you reside is solely collected for the analytical side of our company to track visitors to our site. (Site Name) seriously safeguards your information while visiting our site.

(Site Name) is devoted to safeguarding your privacy online. The subsequent statement sets our privacy policy. For the commitments of this privacy statement “Company Name” shall mean ( As a notice to our visitors, this policy may change time to time without notice. It is recommended to please re-check this policy occasionally.

What information you give us

Our site does collect information in several ways, when you contact us through the contact us link in this site, we retain the contact information so that a customer service representative for our ( may handle the concerns you have sent us in a timely manner. (Site Name) requests your email address, name and the way you want us to contact you in regards to your submission to us.

We may collect information about you which is non-personal. This type of information could be gender, city and state of residency, birth date and information regarding the services you may have used on our site, when you used the information and how long you stayed on the site. This type of information is not personally identifiable, but allows our tracking system to count the visits to our site. If at any time information found in this area of our site becomes linked to an identifiable person we will treat the information with top safeguarding techniques.

We do not use cookies to identify who you are and or access your account data to track your use of our site. A cookie is a small text file which some sites use to track where you go, on their sites. (Site Name) will never use cookies.

( connects with other companies through links on our main site; we do not propose this privacy policy to protect you from any of the links you click, thus leaving our site. This privacy policy solely covers our site.

How to Contact us

If you have any questions about this statement of privacy, the privacy practices of this site or any of your relations with this (, please e-mail any time you are on our site and see anything you need clarification for, please reach out to us.